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The collection takes inspiration from the streets, from a world that is carried on urban fabric due to the careful implementation of geometry and architecture, which can achieve even unsuspected 3D effects.
For metropolitan landscapes contrasted with the graceful airiness of the gardens, the second theme draws its lifeblood from the imaginative and ethereal world of the Far East until the incredibly defined portrait with flower botany care. No wonder then that the third and fourth group of suggestions from the collection by Studio 33 is closely linked to it and back to nature, not that of the flora but the most ancient and mysterious of the Aborigines of Australia and the natives of the depth of the African continent. From the vast deserts to the sacredness of the primordial religion of the Maori, all this and much more inspired and shaped the creations of the Academy Como Collection for Spring / Summer 2014.
Collection inspired by the latest trends , a walk through the various styles of Pret - a -porter , with a personal re-interpretation
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Boutique of the world of accessory, a particular not to be underestimated. Scarves and long scarves with trendy designs created with art and care
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Endless pursuit of beauty,a sensible science to be shown.
To surprise with the art of design and the fashion of Made in Italy
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To be wrapped by amazing and refined prints , rich in unusual details: it is the extraordinary collection of ESSERE, born to show at its best the textile designs in their realization
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Creativity ‘s games and combination, always looking for modern and, why not, the impulsivity to go against…

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