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Timoty Pilo, mind and soul of Studio 33 and Contromoda

Inspired by a passion for design,vcolours, and fashion.
This explains the success of Studio 33, a company from Como(but it would be more appropriate to call it the Design Academy) which, with their collections each season showcase a distinctive ability of knowing how to foresee the needs of fashion. An inspiration that comes from above, from the awareness that enables Timoty Pilo, partner, soul and mind of a studio that includes 25 designers, to sense the undertones in everyday life destined, once reworked, to become a trend. Joining Studio 33 in 1978 as a designer, Timoty Pilo, since 2000, has been in effect partner with Fausto Lanza, the original founder. Growing exponentially since 2004, with the opening of womenswear, the company from Como has gained credibility in the market thanks to its combination of programmed and ready-to-wear collections. “Italian creativity has something extra, we have it in our Dna - says Timoty Pilo - I could never live without my drawings and each time I recognise one of mine on the catwalk it is a great feeling”.
With such an inspirational leader, today, Studio 33 & Contromoda (the second division of the Group) are winning over customers making prints and designs that can give shape to clothing collections in all their variations, but also to creations in the world of furniture. “The Italian market is picking up, along with the American one, and we want to be ready. We want to evolve, creating a new way of thinking in the study of design”.

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